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Located in the Southernmost state of India, situated on the shores of the Arabian Queen, Our first Clinic in Kerala, Kochi is an on-demand dental Clinic, having been in service for more than 25 years. Apart from the local dental patients, overseas patients come to our clinic for exclusive dental implant treatment, carried out following the most contemporary protocols by our Chief Implantologist and Maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Thomas who has acquired experience and expertise from years of practice in countries like the united kingdom, republic of Ireland and oman. Patients also get the opportunity to relax and enjoy the lush green tropical paradise of coconut trees, tea plantations, soothing backwaters and sandy beaches throughout the state. Lovingly called ‘God’s own Country’ by the Kerala Tourism Department due to its natural serenity and lush tropical flora, it is not hard for patients to find solace and friendly locals while visiting our clinic here. Kerala is also home to unique south indian cuisine as well a proud heritage of various artforms, diverse historical and religious landmarks. We will strive to give you the best possible quality and care in dental treatment at the most affordable prices on this side of the world.

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